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Increased Space and Capacity with Vans for Rent

When a car or truck is just not big enough, most car-rental companies also offer a variety of vans for rent. With much greater capacity than a smaller vehicle but easier to drive than a moving truck or a bus, a rental van can provide the perfect vehicle for a family traveling to their favorite camping spot or moving to a new home, businesses needing to transport equipment, or passengers for a special event.

Identifying the Purpose

People rent vans for many different reasons. Identifying the exact purpose the van will serve is an important first step to renting just the right van. Chances are that those looking into vans for rent have more people or things to transport than they usually do. Families taking a cross-country trip may prefer a large seven-person passenger van that gives each child room to spread out, and still has enough room for luggage. If they're camping, a camper van complete with a kitchen, and even a sleeping compartment can make the experience complete. Those who are moving or transporting work equipment and supplies might prefer a cargo van with a large amount of unfettered storage space.

Benefits and Risks

Because they are built on a four-wheel chassis and generally have just two axles, vans are usually much easier to drive than larger trucks or buses often used for moving or transporting people and goods. They are also usually much cheaper and easier to rent than trucks or buses, and can easily be used by anyone licensed to drive a car. However, there are some drawbacks when dealing with companies with vans for rent. The renter is liable for any damages caused to or by the van, and, as many people are unused to driving such a large vehicle, they are more susceptible to these damages. The driver should be aware of the larger dimensions of the van and be prepared to adjust to a much wider turn radius and higher roof clearance.

Meeting Rental Requirements

In order to rent a van, an individual may have to meet certain requirements that will protect both themselves and the rental company. First of all, most rental companies will not rent a van to anyone under the age of 25. Younger drivers are more prone to accidents, and with larger vehicles that risk is even greater. The company will also request a copy of the driver's license and proof of insurance, and they may require further insurance to be purchased in case of damage to the van or the renter's own property or passengers.

Finding the Right Rental Place

After meeting the requirements and weighing the risks and benefits, the next step is finding the right rental place with the type of vans for rent needed. Many national car rental chains such as Enterprise, Budget, and Avis also provide van rentals. These are ideal for those planning to pick up the van in one place and drop it off elsewhere because they have many rental locations to coordinate their vast stock. For those who are using their van in a single central location, or will be returning to the same place, a local company may provide lower rates and greater flexibility in their rentals.

Vans for rent can be a great option for anyone who needs a little extra room for a family trip, moving into a new home, or transporting that large load for business. With their expanded cargo space, rental vans combine the ease of driving a car with the capacity of a large truck, and the convenience of a rental.